2015 NRHC Conference: Gettysburg, PA April 9-12, 2015

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Conference Theme: Battlefields of Change

NCHC James Brandolini Award Winner: Julia Fennell

Dear Members: We are all thrilled that Julia Fennell--one of our Northeast Regional Honors Council members and a former president and longtime executive board member--has just been selected by the National Collegiate Honors Council as one of the two inaugural Brandolini Award winners. Julia is a dedicated and incredibly active supporter of honors students and programs, and we will indeed celebrate this with her in Denver! On a personal note, she has been a great help to me in my tenure as an honors program director, and we love working with Julie and her students on projects and activities. They are always great efforts. The award will be presented at the NCHC conference in Denver at the 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration on Saturday, November 8. If you are heading to the conference, I hope you'll be able to stay for the dinner to see this. If you did not receive the NCHC email announcement, here is the award information: Presented in memory of Ron Brandolini of Orlando, Florida, this award recognizes a two-year college honors director or faculty for outstanding contributions to the honors community. An engraved award will be given to the directors along with a $500 check for the honors program to be used at the discretion of the director. Ron Brandolini, founding director of Valencia College's honors program in the 1980s, served in that capacity for 20 years. During that time, he recruited top students and teachers for the program, elevating the program's stature throughout the country. Ron was a frequent presenter at NCHC conferences and a session leader for Beginning in Honors for many years. He served on the Executive Committee and the Two-Year College Committee as well as serving on the conference planning committee for at least five years. Ron was also past president of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council. Best wishes, Helen Fallon NRHC Executive Board President

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