2014 NRHC Conference: Niagara Falls, NY

Registration is now open, so click on the photograph to go to the conference page for more information.

Call for Student Volunteers for NRHC 2014!

The Northeast Regional Honors Council is looking for student volunteers to help with the many student events in Niagara Falls. Click the picture for more information.

NRHC 2014 Conference: Student Social Media Volunteers

We are looking for Social Media Ambassadors and Content Generators for the 2014 Conference. For more information, email dcorcion@ramapo.edu by Monday, March 31.

2014 NRHC Conference: Student Art Show

This year’s Conference will also feature a student art show, a service-learning opportunity, and many opportunities to explore Niagara Falls on both the American and Canadian sides.

Frozen Niagara Falls

Let's hope it doesn't look like this in April!

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