2016 Theme

Theme: Migrations

We live in an age of unprecedented migration. From the mountains of North Africa and the deserts of Mexico, from the boardrooms and the classrooms, people and ideas are on the move like never before. To complicate matters, the velocity with which thinking moves is startling. Yet, people continue to push the boundaries of what it means to think and act in the contemporary world. Can we conceive of thinking as migratory? How can we plan for the next big thing when technology evolves on an almost daily basis? Moreover, how can honors education help keep the highways, physical and mental, of migration open?

We gather this year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the densest sites of intellectual migration in the world. First settled by John Winthrop and the Puritans in 1630, Cambridge, or Newe Towne as it was then known, grew from a village of farms and public buildings to one of the world’s centers for thinking and innovation. Today, people come from all over the globe to study, teach, think, experiment, and exchange ideas of every conceivable variety. Situated on the banks of the Charles River and just north of Boston, Cambridge is a city older than the American Dream. Cambridge is also a city of the future, a city that has evolved with the times but has lost none of its traditional charm.

This year’s NRHC conference theme seeks to examine the concept of migration from the broadest possible perspectives, while keeping the city of Cambridge in mind as a point of reference. Student papers, posters, and roundtable discussion topics are sought that will contribute to an exchange of ideas about migration and its role in the contemporary world. Especially welcome are topics that examine the concept of migration within the fields of social sciences, mathematics and the hard sciences, as well as education, the humanities and the arts.

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