NRHC Student Award Application

NRHC Student Award Application

The Northeast Regional Honors Council is pleased to announce that it will recognize two students as Student of the Year–one from a two-year institution and one from a four-year institution. The NRHC Student of the Year Awards will be presented to students who have demonstrated scholastic excellence and have made a significant impact on their honors programs. The award will recognize academic excellence, outstanding leadership skills, socially engaged commitments and innovations that the students have shown at their home institution.

The winners are role models for other students in their honors programs and have demonstrated commitment that is above their peers. The NRHC Student of Year may also work to engage honors ideals outside their home institution through participation in intercollegiate projects, NRHC and/or NCHC conferences, service to their communities, and more.

Appplications are due by midnight on Friday, March 11th, 2019.  All nominations must be submitted by a faculty or director of an honors program that is a member of the NRHC.

Winners will be announced at the NRHC Conference in Baltimore, MD at the Awards Ceremony to be held the morning of Sunday, April 14th. Students will be recognized with a plaque and their pictures and biographies will be displayed in the Hall of Fame, located on the NRHC website.

Faculty Members:

A faculty member or director has to nominate a student who they think deserves to be a Student of the Year. The faculty member or director will submit the nomination form along with a letter of recommendation at this link: 

Student Nominees:

Student nominees have to submit an application (including short write-ups and a resume) when they are nominated by a faculty member or director.  Students can complete their application form here:

College or Institution:*
Is your college a 2 or 4-year institution?
How have you contributed to your Honors program and what inspired you to do so? (300 words)*
How have you personally benefited from your Honors program/NRHC, and how will you use this in the future? (300 words)*
What academic, leadership, service and/or personal experiences have you had that set you apart from other candidates? (300 words)*
Upload a Resume (.pdf required):*