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Update – September 2016 – NRHC Scholarships for Honors Semesters and Winterim Experiences

We are happy to receive applications until the extended deadline of October 15, 2016.  You can find the application information here:

Please note that Partners in the Park and Fall (2017) Honors Semesters scholarship applications must submitted by March 15, 2017.


Minority Scholarship Information

NRHC members can submit NRHC Conference Scholarship requests on a first-come-first served basis. Up to fifteen scholarships can be awarded each year. The deadline for the 2016 scholarship application is January 24, 2016.

Minority Fellowship Application Form 2016

Scholarships for: Partners in the Park, Honors Semesters and Winterterm Experiences

Click HERE for Application.

Terms of the Scholarship

1. Eligible Expenses: Scholarships are for registration fees or tuition only.

2. Individual Award Maximum: The maximum scholarship per student per experience is $600.

3. Total Number of Scholarships: NRHC offers up to five scholarships each year for PIP and ten scholarships for Honors Semester/Winterim experiences.

4. Institutional Membership Requirement: Students applying for one of these scholarships must be from an institutional member of the region in the academic year (including the following summer) of the chosen experience.

5. Fair Distribution-To ensure scholarship money is spread broadly across the region:

  • Up to two students from any one member institution may receive a scholarship in any one calendar year for a PIP experience and up to two students from any one member institution may receive a scholarship in any one calendar year for the Honors Semester/Winterim.
  • Any one student may receive a scholarship for a particular experience only once.
  • Any one student may receive only one scholarship in any one year. This means, for example, that a student could receive a PIP scholarship one year, and a Winterim scholarship another year, but not in the same year.

6. Basis of Award: Scholarships are awarded competitively based on the application.

7. Deadlines: Applications for spring Honors Semesters or Winterim  experiences must be submitted by September 15 (prior to the experience). Applications for all Partners in the Parks experiences and fall Honors Semesters must be submitted by March 15 (prior to the experience). If any monies remain after the spring awards, more applications for the previous fall Honors Semester or Winterim experience may be made on a rolling basis until June 15, two weeks before the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

8. Submission: All application materials should be submitted to the NRHC Executive Secretary/Treasurer. Once institutional membership is verified, the secretary/treasurer will forward applications to the NRHC Executive Committee Scholarship Selection Committee, consisting of the two faculty representatives and one of the two student representatives OR the vice-president.

9. Decisions of awards for the fall deadline will be sent out by October 1. Decisions of awards for the spring deadline will be sent out by April 1. Decisions for applications made for leftover funds will be made by on a rolling basis but no later than the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

10. Reflective Essay Requirement: Within one month of completing any of these experiences, the student must submit a 500-word reflective essay to the secretary/treasurer; this essay will be posted at the NRHC website.Failure to submit a reflection essay within one month of completion of the experience results in forfeiture of the scholarship.

11. Reimbursement: Receiving a timely submission of the reflective essay, the NRHC secretary/treasurer will reimburse the party responsible for paying the registration fee or tuition—either the Honors Program or the student—as noted on the application form.

Application: The application includes identifying information, a 500-word essay detailing expectations and goals, the total amount of the tuition and other financial support, and a 150-200-word statement of support from the Director/Dean.12.

Reflections: Each student is required to submit a reflection essay following his/her experience. These essays will be featured on the NRHC web site.

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